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Our top triple-digit winning option recommendations for 2019:

+1,522% Ambarella AMBA September 50 calls (September 2019)

+373% AT&T T October 36 calls (September 2019)

+200% AT&T T August 33 calls (August 2019)

+200% Ally Financial ALLY July 30 calls (July 2019)

+200% Marvell Technology MRVL May 22 calls (April 2019)

+177% Advanced Micro Devices AMD February 23 calls (February 2019)

+155% Twitter TWTR January 31 calls (January 2019)

+138% American Airlines Group AAL (October 2019)

+114% Marvell Technology August 25 calls (July 2019)

+102% Pfizer December 37 calls (November 2019)

+100% Dropbox January 17 calls (December 2019)

+100% BlackBerry May 10 calls (April 2019)

+100% AT&T April 31 calls (April 2019)

+87% Dropbox November 20 calls (November 2019)

+75% AT&T July 32 calls (May 2019)

+55% Ambarella December 60 calls (November 2019)

+52% Twitter January 30 calls (December 2019)

+50% Amicus Therapeutics January 10 calls (December 2019)

+44% Cypress Semiconductor CY May 16 calls (April 2019)

+40% BlackBerry BB March 7.50 calls (February 2019)


Our top triple-digit winning option recommendations for 2018:

+414% Boston Scientific BSX September 36 calls (September 2018)

+400% Spider Dow Jones February 250 puts (February 2018)

+400% PowerShares QQQ February 162 puts (February 2018)

+300% Intel February 47 calls (January 2018)

+225% CVS June 65 calls (May 2018)

+209% Boston Scientific BSX July 31 calls (June 2018)

+208% Garmin GRMN January 62.50 puts (December 2018)

+191% Sony February 48 calls (January 2018)

+175% Big Lots June 40 puts (June 2018)

+168% American Airlines July 40 puts (June 2018)

+165% Okta September 65 calls (September 2018)

+133% Progenics Pharmaceuticals May 8 calls (March 2018)

+117% Energous May 17.50 calls (April 2018)

+100% CVS January 75 calls (November 2018)

+100% PowerShares QQQ November 167.50 puts (October 2018)

+100% Papa John’s International August 40 puts (August 2018)

+100% Progenics Pharmaceuticals August 8 calls (June 2018)

+100% Spider Dow Jones February 258 puts (January 2018)

+100% Marvell Technology (March 2018)

+100% Viavi Systems September 11 calls (August 2018)


Our top triple-digit winning option recommendations for 2017:

+900% Lumber Liquidators August 27.50 calls (August 2017)

+300% JDcom June 37 calls (May 2017)

+300% Kate Spade March 20 calls (March 2017)

+300% Imax May 30 puts (May 2017)

+286% Fastenal May 49 puts (April 2017)

+246% Dick’s Sporting Goods June 45 puts (May 2017) 

+244% Starbucks February 57.50 puts (February 2017)

+200% GameStop April 22.50 puts (March 2017)

+173% Alibaba February 100 calls (January 2017)    

+169% Amicus Therapeutics August 12 calls (July 2017)

+110% Amicus Therapeutics July 8 calls (June 2017)

+100% Cisco Systems October 32 calls (September 2017)

+100% Bank of America July 23 calls (June 2017)

+100% PowerShares QQQ ETF February 122 calls (January 2017)                      

+100% Array BioPharma January 8 calls (January 2017)

We provide updated reports on fast action news on stocks making moves. We profile long and short positions for stocks and for option traders.

We provide stock and option traders on precise days and times when to get in and out of an earnings trade.

It is no secret that stocks make their biggest moves after announcing their earnings results. We look for moves of stocks that are primed to move 10%-20% or more.

These powerful moves can often lead to even more stunning moves with options. Visit our sample stock and option trades that offers a sneak peek inside our Members Area.

Please note: We are a research firm only. We do not take trades for you. You are paying for our views and analysis on where we feel the market is headed and a stock is going to be following a major earnings announcement.

We have a strict, firm NO REFUND policy. We have auto-renewal services to ensure our traders never miss an update and it is your responsibility to cancel your membership if you decide to unsubscribe. It is your account and you are notified of your billing on a weekly or monthly basis.

The research is precise and accurate with DAILY coverage throughout the week. We sell a service, not a product and why we have a no refund policy. We pay our writers and research team for their hard work and why you pay us.

Thank you for your understanding.

Please read our full disclaimer policy here.

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